Virtual Filing Cabinet o’ Lessons

Collaborative Sites/Other Filing Cabinets

Nix the Tricks – ALL math teachers and tutors should read this!
Kate’s Row Games
3 Act Tasks
Algebra’s Friend Virtual Filing Cabinet A1
Charleston 8th Grade Math Book
The Language of Functions and Graphs
Utah Middle School Math Textbooks/Workbooks
Illustrative Mathematics
NC Math Common Core

Everyday Stuff & Review Ideas

Warmup Ideas

Number Sense

Problem Solving

Term 1

ice Breakers

Multiple Representations

Slope-Intercept Form

Systems of Equations

  • Diapers: Students create a table, graph and equation to represent and analyze disposable vs reusable diaper costs.

Term 2

Linear equations from 2 points


Qualitative Graphs

Simplifying Expressions

Solving Equations

Parallel Lines & Angles Triangles & Angles

Term 3

Pythagorean Theorem

Irrational Numbers Volume

Geometric Transformations

Term 4

Integer Exponents

  • Cosmic Voyage (IMAX Video zooms in and out to show powers of 10)

Scientific Notation

Patterns in Data/Linear Association

Categorical Data Systems and Standard Form


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