Monthly Archives: January 2015

Geometry Class

This post is going to be a little rough around the edges, but I needed a place where I could quickly compile all of the content that I’ve been sharing in the Geometry Professional Development that I led this week and last week.

Week 1

Exploring Similar Triangles

Slippery Slope of Similar Triangles

Similar Triangles – Miniature Golf by Fawn Nguyen

Introduction to Desmos

Follow-Up: Desmos Putt Putt Golf (Linear Equations)

Week 2

Circumference of Circles using Cheerios as unit of measure

Area of Circle using centimeter cubes and cutting circle into sectors & arranging into rectangle

Volume of 3D figures with Play Doh

LearnZillion: Volume of Rectangular Prisms Part 1, Rectangular Prisms Part 2 , Volume of Cylinder, Cone, and Sphere

Volume of cones discovery lesson (Purchase commercially made 3D Geosolids set here.)

Popcorn Pickers- Volume of cylinders 3 act task

Triangle sum more than 180 degrees

Getting started reading blogs