Virtual Filing Cabinets (Explore MTBoS Mission #6)

Am I ever grateful for this week’s mission – Borrowing and Regrouping!  I’ve only been a part of MTBoS for a few months,  but I’ve already been starting to feel overwhelmed by the mental clutter of stuff that I’ve been gathering.  I’ve been using Feedly ever since Google Reader died and have been bookmarking posts that are valuable to me.  What I don’t like about this is that I can’t organize my bookmarks – so my math stuff is all mixed in with my cooking and decorating stuff. (This was a little embarrassing when I was trying to demo Feedly for my UCTM presentation last weekend.)  In August, I started using Evernote.  This is better because I can create files, or rather, notebooks.  However, I since I was using both, I struggled to find what I needed when I needed it.

Enter the virtual filing cabinet.  Brilliant.  I can use my own blog to keep track of the resources I find and love.  As I was going through my notes and bookmarks, I decided I needed two virtual filing cabinets – one for content and the other for math teaching strategies.  So go ahead and take a gander at my Virtual Filing Cabinet o’ Lessons and my Virtual Filing Cabinet o’ Strategies.  Hopefully others will find them helpful, but I am creating them primarily a resource for myself.  I will probably continue to use Feedly to bookmark resources, and then will dump them into my Virtual Filing Cabinets as I have time.


3 thoughts on “Virtual Filing Cabinets (Explore MTBoS Mission #6)

  1. jsoltau

    It’s impressive how quickly you put those file cabinets together! I store my links in diigo, and I created a separate account for math stuff so I wouldn’t have to deal with the personal vs. professional jumble. I’ve been wondering if I should give evernote a try ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 and they took the lines out of the notes app. (It’s funny how little things turn me off.) Perhaps I should.

  2. mathybeagle

    I like your solution of the virtual file cabinet. I don’t collect a lot of personal “files” so I never ran into that problem with Evernote but I could see that happening if I were to start collecting other resources! 🙂
    I definitely will have to bookmark your virtual file cabinet pages. Good work on organizing! I really like how easy everything is to find by topic!

  3. Amy McNabb

    I came to the same conclusion as you. I need a virtual filing cabinet with EVERYTHING so I don’t have to try to remember what browser or app I put things in. I like your idea of two cabinets as well.


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