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The Lost Pen – A Cautionary Tale

 1. Ms Moore tries & fails to remove pen cap. Pen flies out of her hand, into the garbage can, landing atop several used tissues.
2. Ms Moore cries out in despair at the loss of her pen.
3. Whole class gathers around garbage can.
4. One student bends his head over the garbage to see the pen, when suddenly a green fleck of gum flies out of his mouth and into garbage can. Student cries out, “Wait, NOOOOO!”
5. Another student sees pen, grabs it out of the garbage, and offers it to Ms Moore.
6. Disgusted, Ms Moore uses a clean tissue to accept pen and then cleans it off using a Clorox wipe.
7. Right after school, Ms Moore heads across the hall to tell her coworker the story, realizes she’s not holding the pen in question, and turns around to retreive it from her room.
8. Ms Moore trips over some sort of wheeled musical instrument and flies across the hallway, arms flailing, and catches herself on the door, narrowly avoiding her imminent death.
9. Ms Moore looks around the crowded hallway to see who witnessed her narrow shave with death. Only two students stand staring, wondering what just happened.
10. Ms Moore goes into her classroom looking for the pen, and finds that it has disappeared.
MORAL: Use clicky pens, not capped pens.